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Some of the companies that have teamed up with "F3'ing it" to provide some of the best experiences for doctors.

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Building experiences and confidence is a top priority for all budding doctors in and out of training. Whether its taking a year out to find your niche, or just to do something you have never done before, F3’Ing It offers a way to completely optimise your entire search process. Find the best opportunities, browse through our providers, and gain more valuable experiences.

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Management and leadership Programme

Milton Keynes Course

Our management & leadership programme equips all levels of managers and leaders with the essential skills & behaviours required to

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We offer a way to get in touch with some of brightest and promising candidates for your job/ start-up/ course. With over 7,000 cross platform connections, we use social media to advertise our opportunities. Find the best applicants, conduct more focused interviews, and use F3’ing It! to advertise your positions.

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Why take a year out of training?

What Junior Doctors thought about F3'ing it!

I felt unsatisfied after my foundation years, overworked, and wanted time out to recollect. I decided to volunteer abroad for a few months and travel the world.

I wasn’t sure on what I wanted to specialty train in, so I decided to “F3 it”. I locumed in different posts and now Im doing a clinical fellowship in Emergency Medicine. Best decision ever.

I was really passionate about training in Medicine, but slowly lost enthusiasm. This wasn’t the life I wanted. I took a break in training to try something new, Public Health!

Guess who’s going to be a surgeon? I F3’d this year in different subspecialties. Beefed up my portfolio and got a paper published in the process. Why wouldn’t you F3!?

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F3’ing It! in rural South Africa? Now you can!

Doing something rewarding during your FY3 year is a goal for some! Gaining experience abroad is one fantastic way of doing that. F3’ing It! has is proud to feature a dynamic organisation that looks to utilise your skills to aid those who need them most! Africa Health Placements   Introduction Africa Health Placements (AHP) offers qualified

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We’re currently teaming up with NHS Trusts to deal with the current recruitment crisis. With experience in healthcare management and consultancy – our team help bring solutions to recruitment challenges.
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